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          The Harriton Association Statement of Mission promises:

            1: To preserve and maintain the historic 1704 Harriton House as a unique heritage of                      our local and National communities for the instrucation and pleasure of our citizens;

             2: To encourage voluntary memberships, contriibutions, and active participation in the                     non-profiot Harriton Association;

              3: To sponsor educational and cultural programs for school children, college students,                    and adults, in order to strengthen and sustain their understanding of American                            History since colonial times and the part played in that hisrtory by Harriton House                        and its most famous occupant, Charles Thomson, only Secretay to the                                        Continental and Confederation Congresses.


Americans search for their heritage in the homes of their patriots .

Harriton is no exception. Charles Thomson, the first and only Secretary to the Continental and Confederation Congresses, was Harriton's most famous occupant. Yet the story of this house and estate encompasses more than 300 years, beginning with the settlement of "Merion" by Welsh Quakers.  Today, the restored 1704 house and large park are open to the public as an historical and cultural resource providing students and the public a variety of programs. The Township of Lower Merion in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, owns the historic property, while the Harriton Association administers the site. 

Learn and enjoy.  Visit with us, either here in our website or in person. Feel free to contact us regarding questions or visits. We especially look forward to hearing from students and teachers. Field trips will be arranged, and we will tailor a visit presentation to your particular interest. Review our history page for a more fullsome story of this remarkable place and its people. Check our events page for upcoming programs.   The photo gallery will show you images of events and collections. Our articles and resources page will provide you with Association publications, useful external links, and an opportunity to support historic Harriton by becoming a Member of the Harriton Association.

It is very easy to make an on-line charitable, and tax-deductible, contribution to support historic Harriton. Choose one of the membership levels below, and support Harriton through the convenient and secure Paypal link below:

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Directions- To reach Harriton House from downtown Bryn Mawr, proceed west on Montgomery Avenue to Roberts Road. Turn Right onto Roberts Road. Cross through one traffic light. At the next intersection, take the left fork onto Harriton Road. The entrance to the Harriton Park is immediately on your left.   We are here regularly, but we strongly recommend a telephone call prior to your visit due to our scheduling - 610 525 0201.  To download a brochure and map  you can carry with you, click on this link to our articles and resources page.


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